General Assembly lays the groundwork for victory

GA_rallyphotoThe TSEU General Assembly brings elected delegates together from every part of the state to adopt the political/legislative and organizing programs and make the decisions that will guide TSEU for the next two years.  General Assembly 2012 was held in Austin on October 5, 6, and 7.

General Assembly always begins with an action.  This year, we marched at the ERS building to start our campaign against budget cuts and attacks on state employee health care and pensions.  The ‘rush-hour’ timed march/rally drew supporting honks and waves from traffic.  Three state workers passing by joined TSEU!

A major task of General Assembly is adopting the organizing and political programs that chart a course for our campaign to defend state services and state employees. The TSEU legislative agenda is listed below.  Agency caucuses also met and adopted legislative goals specific to their issues.  Caucus goals can be found on their respective pages of the TSEU website.

On Saturday afternoon, delegates watched video coverage of our last Lobby Day and discussed our next Lobby Day in 2013.  Almost all in attendance committed to coming to Lobby Day 2013 by buying their tickets.  You can find more on Lobby Day 2013 on page 2 of this UPDATE.

At the Saturday nighGA_meetingphotot banquet, a bevy of awards were given for COPE participation and on-the-job organizing excellence.  Delegates, members and guests were treated to a speech by Texas AFL-CIO President Becky Moeller and CWA District 6 Vice President Claude Cummings.   The Saturday Night Dance Party followed the banquet and was enjoyed by all who attended.

On Sunday, delegates took care of final business and concluded this year’s General Assembly with the singing of our union’s song, ‘Solidarity Forever’.