Attorney General employee to be TSEU’s ERS Board of Trustees candidate

Elias McClellan was recently named TSEU candidate in the 2013 ERS Board of Trustees election. Due to eligibility rules, Elias will replace former candidate Patricia Johnson.

Elias works in the Child Support Division of the Office of the Attorney General in Houston. An eight-year employee, Elias has been an active member of TSEU and has been instrumental in organizing efforts at his agency and elsewhere in the Houston region. With 17 years to go before he is eligible to retire, Elias is committed to making a career in state service. Because of that, he is interested in serving on the ERS Board to make sure pensions and benefits are intact for future retirees like himself.

The Employees Retirement System of Texas controls the retirement plan for all state agency employees and the health care plans for state agency employees and for about half of state university employees. TSEU has one member on the ERS Board, Yolanda Griego of El Paso. If we elect Elias this year, it will be the first time that TSEU has had two members on the ERS Board. Griego was the third woman and the first minority elected in the 50-year history of the ERS Board.

“The ERS Board makes important decisions about our healthcare benefits and our pension plan. We need Board members that will work to ensure the stability of the plan and not go along with shifting costs to employees and retirees. If elected, I would be proud to represent the interests of frontline state employees on the Board, and would work with current Board member Yoly Griego to improve our benefits and to protect our pensions.”


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