Throughout the year, TSEU will mobilize members across the state for important meetings or events. Most will involve specific agencies or universities – so getting a statewide perspective is important. We encourage you to attend your local, area meetings; but to also bring those voices to our larger, statewide meetings or other events.

upcoming, Spring 2014:

TSEU Caucus Week(s) of Action and Statewide Caucus Meetings

During a Caucus ‘Week of Action’, a special emphasis will be put on organizing and mobilizing across the state around one specific agency caucus.  Prior to the ‘Week of Action’, TSEU members from across Texas will meet in Austin to plan strategies and discuss past, present and future goals for the caucus.  If you would like to attend your statewide Caucus meeting or get involved in Week of Action events at your location, please contact the TSEU organizer listed for that caucus, your own TSEU organizer, or any TSEU office.