Throughout the year, TSEU will mobilize members across the state for important meetings or events. Most will involve specific agencies or universities – so getting a statewide perspective is important. We encourage you to attend your local, area meetings; but to also bring those voices to our larger, statewide meetings or other events.

upcoming statewide events:

If you have been active in your TSEU Caucus and would like to attend one of the Caucus Leadership meetings contact your organizer listed for details; or contact the Austin TSEU office at 512.448.4225.

DFPS Caucus Meeting / Saturday, May 14
Austin TSEU Office / 10:00am – 2:30pm
TSEU Organizer Contact: Myko Gedutis (713)661-9030

Retiree (ROC) Caucus / Saturday, May 21
Austin TSEU office / 10:00am – 2:30pm

HHSC Caucus Leadership Meeting / Saturday, April 9

SSLC/State Hosp Caucus Leadership Meeting / Saturday, April 23


Contact ANY TSEU OFFICE for details on these and other upcoming events.