BUTTONS_PayRaise_colorFrom the 83rd Legislative Session (June 2013):

good news: We won a Pay Raise!
bad news: It should have been more!

After a hard fought pay raise campaign, all state agency employees not receiving a targeted raise (details below) will receive a 1% raise or $50 per month minimum in September 2013 and a 2% raise or $50 per month minimum in September 2014. This amounts to a 3% or $1200 across-the-board increase over the two year period. Given the amount of money available in the budget, legislators could have done better! Three percent is not nearly enough to compensate state employees whose pay has fallen about 36% below the rate of inflation.

Targeted Pay Raises

Targeted pay raises will be given to certain state positions in place of the 3%/$1200 across-the-board pay raise. These positions experience some of the lowest pay and the highest turnover among all state employment.

  • In a major victory, State Supported Living Center DSPs and State Hospital PNAs will receive a 10% across the board raise over the biennium.
  • TDCJ-Correctional Officers are receiving a 5% across the board raise over the biennium
  • CPS/APS Supervisor positions are being bumped up one pay grade, from B18 to B19
  • Rubbing salt on the wound- Many top administrators received  40% pay raises, while those of us who make our agencies and universities work are left behind.

TSEU members pushed legislators to include Parole Officers in the 5% raise that TDCJ Correctional Officers are set to receive. Although a Parole Officer raise was not included, a targeted raise is still possible depending on the total funding the agency receives in the final budget. TSEU will continue to work on this issue.

University Employees

University employees were once again left out of the pay raise that the legislature authorized for state agency employees.  The fight does not end here for an across-the-board pay raise for university workers.  TSEU will now shift the pay raise campaign to the campus level where we will organize and mobilize to persuade university budget makers to adopt campus-wide across-the-board pay raises rather than use available funds to implement merit raises.