TAKE ACTION: Call TODAY to protect our healthcare benefits! Say NO to Health Savings Accounts!

Digital CameraOn March 16th, the House Pension Committee held a hearing on the Health Savings Accounts bill HB 966 filed by Myra Crownover (HD 64 –Denton). TSEU members along with other state employee groups testified in opposition to this bill; sending a clear message that state employees strongly oppose Health Savings Accounts.

Members of the House Pensions Committee will be voting on this bill in the next couple of days and they need to here from YOU!

Call ALL the members of the Committe; urge your co-workers to make calls also. Call and say:

My name is _________. I am a state employee (retiree) and a member of the Texas State Employees Union. I’m asking Representative__________ to vote NO on HB 966. Health Saving Accounts will put more financial burden on state employees, especially those who need health care the most. Thank you.

House Pension Committee Members
Chair – Rep. Dan Flynn (HD 2- Van) 512-463-0880
Vice-Chair – Rep. Roberto Alonzo (HD 104 – Dallas) 512- 463-0408
Rep. Ana Hernandez (HD 143 – Houston) 512-463-0614
Rep. Stephanie Klick (HD 91 – Ft. Worth) 512-463-0599
Rep. Dennis Paul (HD 129 – Webster) 512-463-0734
Rep. Phil Stephenson (HD 85 – Wharton) 512-463-0604
Rep. Justin Rodriguez (HD 125 – San Antonio) 512-463-0669

Oppose HB 966 by Crownover and SB 482 by Hancock download PDF


Maintain Access to Quality Health Care Benefits

BUTTONS_AffordableHealthCare_colorBecause state employee salaries have fallen further and further behind the cost of living every year, our health care benefits have become even more important in attracting and retaining qualified staff. Health care benefits are a crucial reason why many people choose to work for the state. If both state employee pay is low and our health care benefits are unaffordable, the already high turnover rate for state workers will skyrocket and the quality of services we provide for all Texans will be seriously undermined.

Health costs keep rising every year

Basic premium contributions – the money taken out of employees’ paychecks every month – have been rising every year. In the last 10 years, the monthly employee deduction for family coverage has increased by more than 69%. These hikes are on top of constantly increasing out-of-pocket expenses: co-pays, deductibles, etc. The health care cost hikes are also on top of declining pay because salaries have not kept up with inflation.

Dependent health coverage is too expensive for many state employees and takes a bigger bite from low pay


About 1 out of every 10 children of state employees are uninsured, or they are enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP


TSEU’s 2-point health care agenda for state employees

  • Fully fund ERS’s request for $ $289.9 million above its baseline budget to maintain access to quality health care for employees and retirees.
  • Oppose high deductible, defined contribution health plans, such as Health Savings Accounts, which increase health care costs for members and make health care less accessible.